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We do residential and commercial trapping of sensitive wetland areas as well as on your personal property. Typical nuisance wildlife that you will encounter are racoons, opossum, nutria, squirrels, bats and birds.

In order to protect the investment that you have in your landscaping, we provide mole and gopher extermination.

Dead Animal Removal
It is an unpleasant fact that on occasion you will have an animal that may die in your attic, in one of your crawl spaces or under your deck. Swanson's will come and remove this animal for you.

Honey Bee Removal
Honey bees can be a positive part of our insect world but can also cause problems when they invade your property. We have trained staff that will come and remove a hive from your structure and can exterminate hives in trees as well.


Crawl Space
We can inspect your crawl space ands and look for damaged items or conditions conducive for infestation. Swanson's is able to remove and replace damaged vapor barriers. If there is any cellulose or debris we are able to remove that for you as well.

Fumigation of Antiques & Commodities
We can help protect your investments by fumigation of your prized antiques an any other commodities that you feel are in jeopardy.

Exclusion Repairs
Damage from pests and animals can be prevented by having such items as your attic access, vent screens, chimney caps and crawl space entries in good repair. Our trained staff are able to inspect your home and bring to your attention any problem areas you may have at your property and provide the repairs that are necessary.