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About our Products...
At SWANSON's Pest Management, we have a commitment to our customers to offer the best solution for your pest problems. All of our technicians are fully licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Our education is ongoing and we utilize the newest techniques and materials so that you are assured of the best and most environmentally friendly treatment possible.

We deal with each pest problem on an individual and unique basis. There is no way to treat every issue the same way, so we will design the proper program for your pest problem. We can correct it, and then offer you protection throughout the year with our Continuous Protection Program.

Call us at 800.622.8993 for a free inspection of your home or business. (Or visit our contact page & fill our our inquiry form to set up an appointment.)

Interested in "do it yourself" Products?
SWANSON's can provide you with products you can apply yourself if you decide to try this before hiring a professional.

Timbor (wood preservative):
This product can be applied using a standard garden type, hand held tank sprayer. When applied to an unfinished wood surface, this product will make the treated wood unpalatable to wood boring insects including wood boring beetles, termites, and carpenter ants. It's also a fungicide, neutralizing fungus on contact. This is a great product to use in areas where moisture could be a concern. (bathrooms, basements, crawlspaces and wood decks).

Sold in 1.5lb bags, each bag covers approximately 200 square feet of area.
ONLINE SPECIAL OFFER ***** $15.00 per bag   (+ shipping & handling if applicable)

Pest Monitoring and Trapping boards:
These glue covered boards are perfect for trapping insects and small rodents. Glue boards are perfect to use as monitoring devices in areas where you may have a pest or rodent problem.
ONLINE SPECIAL OFFER ***** $6.00 for 5 or $20.00 for 20   ( + shipping if appicable)

Chase (mole and gopher repellent):
This fantastic product uses an 'all natural' approach to ridding your lawn and garden of those pesky moles and gophers. Chase in a corn meal, impregnated with castor oil, (moles and gophers hate castor oil) and when properly applied to your lawn or garden, it can effectively repel moles and gophers for up to 90 days.

Each 6 pound bag covers approximately 5000 square feet.
ONLINE SPECIAL OFFER ***** $25.00 per bag  ( + shipping if applicable)